[Coco] dir options on coco

Little John sales at gimechip.com
Sun Nov 28 21:43:28 EST 2010

You could also use the good old "BOOT.BAS" program which makes directory 
browsing quite simple. Art, I think, Included this with his ADOS products. 
Then there is Jeff Francis' Disk Utility 2.1a which gives you a multitude of 
options. I think these may be downloadable somewhere...
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> As others have noted, there is no such pause option available under
> RS-BASIC.  However, I do recall that
> it is possible with a poke to knock out the carriage return that follows
> each directory entry, with the result that on the 32-column screen, the
> directory entries come out in two columns, making it much less likely that
> the one you want to see has scrolled offscreen before you can read it, 
> since
> twice as many entries are shown on a single screen.  (On a CoCo 1 or 2,
> you'd need to copy ROM to RAM before using the poke.)  Using shift-@ to
> pause is also an option, but you'd have to be pretty fast on the draw to 
> get
> the pause to occur where you want it.
> I think you can also use POKE 111, 254:DIR to make the directory go to the
> printer, if that helps.
> Art
> On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 7:56 PM, Dee-K <dee-k at live.ca> wrote:
>> Can some1 help me and tell me what is the option on a coco when reading
>> disk.
>> If I want to make a pause between each full pages while using the DIR
>> command.
>> I want it to behave like the dir/p on ms-dos. Thanx
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