[Coco] dir options on coco

Little John sales at gimechip.com
Sun Nov 28 22:00:11 EST 2010

This reminded me of an experiment I did recently. I fired up the Vcc 
emulator with RGBDOS active (your emulator version). Then I entered: 
which saved the "virtual" ROM to a virtual disk. I used the mess winimage 
tool to extract it. Used a hex editor to remove the first five bytes 
(preamble) and saved it back. I didnt bother removing the postamble - my 
eprom programmer truncates the image to 8K upon loading anyway... I burned 
it into a 2764 and stuck it in my disto mini controller. It seemed to work 
fine. Of course I wouldn't recommend this for serious use - obviously it has 
emulator specific changes, but still - it was fun to play around with. 
Having said that, if you like RGBDOS, it's a good investment to head over to 
cloud9 and buy HDBDOS.
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> Dee-K wrote:
>> Can some1 help me and tell me what is the option on a coco when reading 
>> disk.
>> If I want to make a pause between each full pages while using the DIR 
>> command.
>> I want it to behave like the dir/p on ms-dos. Thanx
> There are two third party ROMs that will pause the directory listing at 
> each full page, RGBDOS and HDBDOS. If you replace your Disk Basic ROM with 
> one of these, you will get much better directory listings.
> So, are you using an emulator or a real Coco? RGBDOS for real hardware is 
> no longer sold but Cloud-9 sells HDBDOS. If you are using an emulator, it 
> is easy to install RGBDOS or HDBDOS.
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