[Coco] strange nitros9 boot error code, very quickly after loading the boot track I get a tb*v, error 246 not ready

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Tue Nov 23 22:42:22 EST 2010

gene heskett wrote:
> Greetings;
> I am attempting to arrive at a boot floppy, which when backed up to drive
> 128 in hdbdos, will do a total boot from the hard drive.
> So I copied the test boot disk to drive 128, the default for my copy of
> hdbdos.
> It seemed to work, but after reading the boot track, it reverted to the
> floppy drive.
> So then I switched the boot-floppy-6ms module for the boot_tc3 module, and
> now it hangs at "KREL Boot tb*v", error 246 when asked to boot directly
> from the hard drives floppy partition 128.
> Any clues for sale?

A standard boot disk placed on a HDBDOS "hard drive" will load from the hard 
drive but as soon as the Boot module activates, the drive0 floppy will be read. 
As you suspected, you must change the Boot module for one that reads the HDBDOS 
"hard drive".
So, what Boot module to use? The Boot module must be able to read the type of 
hard drive in use, scsi, ide, virtual. One other crucial point. The data in LSN0 
on the hard drive must be changed so that it points to the boot drive, which in 
your case is 128. You need the Basic utility LINK.BAS which modifies LSN0 on the 
hard drive so that DD.BT (starting sector of bootstrap file) points to OS9Boot 
on drive 128.

Error 246, NOT READY, is not meaningful in this context. I'd bet it results from 
the lack of OS9Boot in the OS-9 partition of the hard drive. That's my educated 
guess because you have not mentioned using LINK.BAS.

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