[Coco] strange nitros9 boot error code, very quickly after loading the boot track I get a tb*v, error 246 not ready

gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Tue Nov 23 22:59:22 EST 2010

On Tuesday, November 23, 2010 10:54:37 pm Robert Gault did opine:

> gene heskett wrote:
> > Greetings;
> > 
> > I am attempting to arrive at a boot floppy, which when backed up to
> > drive 128 in hdbdos, will do a total boot from the hard drive.
> > 
> > So I copied the test boot disk to drive 128, the default for my copy
> > of hdbdos.
> > 
> > It seemed to work, but after reading the boot track, it reverted to
> > the floppy drive.
> > 
> > So then I switched the boot-floppy-6ms module for the boot_tc3 module,
> > and now it hangs at "KREL Boot tb*v", error 246 when asked to boot
> > directly from the hard drives floppy partition 128.
> > 
> > Any clues for sale?
> A standard boot disk placed on a HDBDOS "hard drive" will load from the
> hard drive but as soon as the Boot module activates, the drive0 floppy
> will be read. As you suspected, you must change the Boot module for one
> that reads the HDBDOS "hard drive".
> So, what Boot module to use? The Boot module must be able to read the
> type of hard drive in use, scsi, ide, virtual. One other crucial point.
> The data in LSN0 on the hard drive must be changed so that it points to
> the boot drive, which in your case is 128. You need the Basic utility
> LINK.BAS which modifies LSN0 on the hard drive so that DD.BT (starting
> sector of bootstrap file) points to OS9Boot on drive 128.
> Error 246, NOT READY, is not meaningful in this context. I'd bet it
> results from the lack of OS9Boot in the OS-9 partition of the hard
> drive. That's my educated guess because you have not mentioned using

I can understand that.  But I have NDI how to get around it.  I have never 
ever been able to get anything from the hdbdos1.1 disk to execute, probably 
because I use rsdos so seldom that about all I can master is looking at the 
directory on the disk.  But exec|load|run filename, all are errors on my 

Yes, its been that long since I actually ran rsdos. :(

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