[Coco] What would a CoCo successor have to have as a minimum?

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Sun Nov 21 20:38:45 EST 2010

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 8:28 PM,  <jdaggett at gate.net> wrote:
> On 21 Nov 2010 at 14:00, RJLCyberPunk wrote:
>> If I may make a suggestion here when it comes to backward CoCo 1-2
>> compatibility why not take a hint from what Apple has done and create an
>> Emulator within the FPGA design so that if and when users want to dust off
>> their good old CoCo 1 & 2 games they can do seamlessly, hey just a
>> suggestion. ;)
> While the DE-2 board's FPGA is  not capable of there are newer FPGAs that allow
> reconfiguration. You can hold two configuration bitstreams in the configuration rom and boot
> either one at any time. One coniguration can be the COCO1/2 the other a COCO3/4.
> Solves backward compatibility issues rather easily.

It's fairly easy to load new configs into the DE1/DE2 even without
being able to store them directly on the board.  If having separate
images for the different machines is the best way to go, I think it
would work out fine.    I already switch my DE1 between CoCo3FPGA,
John Kent's System09 (runs FLEX on a 6809), an Apple 2, Minimig
(amiga), and an 8086 PC XT system.
Mark's project has several more interesting platforms that I haven't
gotten to playing with too.  Anyway, one more in the list isn't going
to bother me at all :)

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