[Coco] coco on android

Richard Hawk rhawk1 at centurylink.net
Sun Nov 21 00:35:04 EST 2010

sure i would be a tester i have the htc hero rooted running android 2.1 
shortly and hopefully soon they will have the 2.2 ported for our cdma heros
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> No, it's not dead. I'm close to releasing a test version. The big thing 
> missing is sound. One cool thing is using the orientation sensor to 
> emulate the joystick. It works great. Keyboard entry with a virtual 
> keyboard is kind of a pain. I can't imagine anyone playing a game or 
> writing a program that way. I want to make configurable touch points in 
> the border area to emulate specific key presses (mostly for games). 
> Still...a lot of things are playable now.
> Another biggie before I put it on the market is how to distribute the 
> thing without ROMS. Most Android emulators require you to place the files 
> in a directory on the SD card. I'm thinking about grabbing them from files 
> hosted on the Internet (these urls would be configurable). This would be a 
> one-time deal. I've even tested automatically pulling them out of zip 
> files stored out there. Not sure how that might play out but it works. It 
> currently reads bins, cas, and dsk files from the Mocha site when you 
> choose one from the menu. Surprisingly speedy.
> If anyone is interested in being a tester, send me an email (my address is 
> on the Mocha site). I've been able to test on a Droid 2 and an HTC 
> Incredible but I'll eventually need to see if it works on other phones.
> Brad
> On 11/18/2010 10:15 AM, Richard Hawk wrote:
>> I seen somebody was working on a coco emulator for android market. I have 
>> been searching for it.  Is it dead? I believe it was working just 
>> couldn't load .dsk images yet.  I am looking forward to it.  Will it be 
>> on android market for sale or somewhere else to buy it.
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