[Coco] coco on android

Brad Grier bradgrier at cox.net
Sat Nov 20 21:17:15 EST 2010

No, it's not dead. I'm close to releasing a test version. The big thing 
missing is sound. One cool thing is using the orientation sensor to 
emulate the joystick. It works great. Keyboard entry with a virtual 
keyboard is kind of a pain. I can't imagine anyone playing a game or 
writing a program that way. I want to make configurable touch points in 
the border area to emulate specific key presses (mostly for games). 
Still...a lot of things are playable now.

Another biggie before I put it on the market is how to distribute the 
thing without ROMS. Most Android emulators require you to place the 
files in a directory on the SD card. I'm thinking about grabbing them 
from files hosted on the Internet (these urls would be configurable). 
This would be a one-time deal. I've even tested automatically pulling 
them out of zip files stored out there. Not sure how that might play out 
but it works. It currently reads bins, cas, and dsk files from the Mocha 
site when you choose one from the menu. Surprisingly speedy.

If anyone is interested in being a tester, send me an email (my address 
is on the Mocha site). I've been able to test on a Droid 2 and an HTC 
Incredible but I'll eventually need to see if it works on other phones.


On 11/18/2010 10:15 AM, Richard Hawk wrote:
> I seen somebody was working on a coco emulator for android market. I have been searching for it.  Is it dead? I believe it was working just couldn't load .dsk images yet.  I am looking forward to it.  Will it be on android market for sale or somewhere else to buy it.
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