[Coco] Is there a good, runs on a coco but from a terminal like /t2 editor?

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 16:33:00 EST 2010

Hi Gene,

I'm not sure about the Coco version, but the OS9/68K version of Ved works 
fine over a terminal provided you set the TERM environment to whatever 
terminal you're using.

How about emacs?

Perhaps we need to be looking at some of the freeware source to see if it is 
adaptable to using via a terminal.

Regards, Bob Devries

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> Greetings;
> I think I would be more productive in terms of coco software, if I had an
> editor that could function thru a terminal link like minicom.
> Mike Sweets old Ed3.1 might be a candidate but its married to the cocos
> graphics a bit too deeply, although I do like the use of the alt key for
> the command invocation.
> Up to now, I have been using the tsedit to vi conversion, renamed to ed
> internally, but for some reason that has lost its ability to write the 
> file
> back after editing it, reporting a "disk error, Press BREAK" and leaves 
> the
> file untouched.  But because it uses a bunch of vertical tabs going into 
> and
> back out of the edit mode, it doesn't run with minicom in either ANSI or
> VT-102 modes.
> Anybody have any suggestions for a stable, works over /t2, editor for the
> coco?
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> Cheers, Gene
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