[Coco] Is there a good, runs on a coco but from a terminal like /t2 editor?

gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Fri Nov 19 17:17:50 EST 2010

On Friday, November 19, 2010 05:09:14 pm Bob Devries did opine:

> Hi Gene,
> I'm not sure about the Coco version, but the OS9/68K version of Ved
> works fine over a terminal provided you set the TERM environment to
> whatever terminal you're using.

I thought of that, and was hoping Bob V. would chime in here.  Does he have 
a web page?  Ahh, I see Mark has it, I'll ask him.

> How about emacs?

Do we have a version for os9?

> Perhaps we need to be looking at some of the freeware source to see if
> it is adaptable to using via a terminal.

I just scanned the maltedmedia ftp site without finding very much.

Thanks Bob.
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> Subject: [Coco] Is there a good,runs on a coco but from a terminal like
> /t2 editor?
> > Greetings;
> > 
> > I think I would be more productive in terms of coco software, if I had
> > an editor that could function thru a terminal link like minicom.
> > 
> > Mike Sweets old Ed3.1 might be a candidate but its married to the
> > cocos graphics a bit too deeply, although I do like the use of the
> > alt key for the command invocation.
> > 
> > Up to now, I have been using the tsedit to vi conversion, renamed to
> > ed internally, but for some reason that has lost its ability to write
> > the file
> > back after editing it, reporting a "disk error, Press BREAK" and
> > leaves the
> > file untouched.  But because it uses a bunch of vertical tabs going
> > into and
> > back out of the edit mode, it doesn't run with minicom in either ANSI
> > or VT-102 modes.
> > 
> > Anybody have any suggestions for a stable, works over /t2, editor for
> > the coco?
> > 
> > 
> > 
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Cheers, Gene
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