[Coco] V-Term here... [Color Computer] Re: Terminal Program

Little John sales at gimechip.com
Tue Nov 16 15:28:10 EST 2010

There are some unofficial 7-Zip versions for Linux here:
If you prefer, I can redo these files as ".zip" for you to put on your site. 
I've just gotten so accustomed to using 7zip that I sometimes forget it 
isn't nearly as widespread as zip... I think it's getting there though...

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> On Tuesday, November 16, 2010 12:46:37 pm Little John did opine:
>> Roger,
>> I have now uploaded VIP Terminal + Manual here:
>> http://gimechip.com/files/VIP_Terminal_SOFTLAW.7z
>> Again, I'll leave it for a few days. Feel free to add it to your site.
>> Hopefully, I will have some more of the CoCo Terminal programs ready for
>> upload soon and perhaps the person that made the original request will
>> find at least one that meets his needs.
>> -JohnT-
> I just pulled it, and need to figure out how to unpack that .7z on linux.
> Looks like 'ark' knows how.
> I just moved it, and the new DW4beta.zip to my web page as shown below.
> <http://gene.homelinux.net:85/gene/stuff4george>
> As usual, if I move something into there that's not supposed to be, yelp
> and I'll nuke it asap.  The dir on my hard drive that vt220.ar came from
> has at least 100 other utils that may be handy to somebody.
> Another file that may be of interest, is sc23.beta, its SuperComm-23, the
> os9 executable.  I used it a lot back in the day.
> I was going to put another util called moveit.ar there too, which unpacks
> to move, but after looking at the assembly source, it is possible to make
> it into the linux version of mv, which would be about 20x faster as this
> one makes a copy of the file when there is no need to unless its being 
> moved
> to a different storage device.  Under os9/nitros9, it is only needed to 
> move
> the $20 bytes of the directory entry from one directory to the other if on
> the same disk, the file descriptor nor the file do not need to be moved, 
> and
> its possible to make a hard link if the on disk link count in the file
> descriptor is incremented, so when I get that working, it will be called
> mv, and will have 2 options, one '-l' to preserve the original directory
> entry, and a '-d' to delete just one entry (which will indeed delete the
> file if the link count is then 0!)  Those operations will be slower 
> because
> it will need to access the file descriptor.
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