[Coco] Thanks Sean! (Serial-Parrallel Converter)

Sean badfrog at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 01:57:14 EDT 2009

Glad it worked!

I used that adapter with an Epson LX-800.  One of those classic
tractor-feeds.  And I definitely had to mess with the DIP switches.

I also remember something about an 'Epson emulator' cartridge for
those early HP printers, that apparently made CoCo printing even
better.  It was either mentioned in The Rainbow magazine, or maybe it
was the Princeton mailing list.  I'm sure some others here might
remember more details.


On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 9:15 PM, Chad H <chadbh74 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Got this thing today and hooked from my Coco 2 to my HP Deskjet 540.  At
> first was garbage, then realized the printer wasn't putting out the right
> power after all so had to use the Wal-wart.   After that it 'seemed' to be
> printing legit text but all on the first line of the page overwriting each
> other!  Per the info on the instruction sheet you enclosed it says the
> CoCo's don't generate LF after CR..hmm obvious culprit.  Solution was to
> change the DIP switches on printer.  Yea I remember those on old dot matrix
> printers but the HP Deskjet doesn't have DIP's.  Fortunately, the HP website
> still has a reference guide to the PCL 3 language natively supported by the
> DJ-540.  Used that to send a CR=CR+LF initialization string and voila!
> Prints beautifully.  Glad to bring it out of the top of my closet and use it
> again.  Surprisingly, the thing has been stored up for several years and the
> ink cartridge was not dried out.  Of course I did remove it from the print
> assembly and placed it in a plastic storage piece that had some sort of
> foam/rubber pressing against the bottom of the cartridge.maybe this
> protected it.
> Thanks again!
> -          Chad
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