[Coco] FD-502 drive

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> Yup, that should work.  You'll just have to play around with the  jumpers 
> to figure out how to select the additional FD-502 drive as  drive one. 
> (Unfortunately, my notes on this are packed away, so I  can't tell you 
> offhand.)  The FD-502 5-1/4" drives are much like  3-1/2" drives:  same 
> power connector (smaller molex-style) and built- in termination (so you 
> don't need to bother remembering to terminate  the last drive on the 
> cable).

Unless they made different '502 drives, mine do not have a 3.5" style 
They're more akin to the old-school audio connector on mainboards/sounds 
boards, to connect to, say, a CDROM
drive. the pins are much shorted, and plug straight down into the drive, 
near the back.

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