[Coco] FD-502 drive

Tony tonym at compusource.net
Sun May 10 16:18:21 EDT 2009

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> I would only keep the original FD-502 power connector if you are 
> determined
> to find a original Tandy FD-502 drive unit...which to my understanding are
> extremely rare.

Meh, I bought this FD-502 for like $12-15 on fleabay (no fdc, tho), I'm sure 
i can probably find another one.
I'll just transfer one drive from one of them to make a double-unit, to keep 
one original, and then splice on the 2nd one,
and load it up with probably a pair of Mitsu M4853 DS/QD 5.25" fdd's. That 
will be an interesting unit :)


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