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> 1. Do I have to have a router or can I use a Ethernet
> Switch between my server and my laptop?

Not required... a hub would work, or even a crossover cable for your two PC network... If adding access to the internet, you'd need a router, or a second NIC and use your PC as a gateway.

> 2. What IP addresses should I use for my server? I need to
> input a static IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and
> preferred DNS server. I am using the Microsoft Training kit
> for Windows 2003 Server, so I want my stand alone server to
> be a domain controller and DNS server if possible.

I'd keep it a private Network address, in your case, you can choose an address not included in you Router's IP address pool, I.E. Just force the WinServer's address static, and turn off the DynamicIP functions of the router. Let your WinBox become the Dynamic IP Address controller. (Keep the router IP static too.)

> 3. I am using a wireless router for my internet connection
> for all of my computers in my home, but it is not necessary
> for my server to be connected to the internet.

Not a problem, see above... You may want to implement Wireless Security protocols, if not done already, and keep them active. With the Wireless Router, IIRC, you don't need to worry too much about setting up your PC as a gateway, just use the router like you have been doing.

> My server equipment is the following:
> Desktop Computer: Sempron CPU, 1 Gig RAM, 160 Gig hard
> drive, integrated LAN controller
> Ethernet Switch:  5 ports

Should work OK, You've exceeded the minimums.

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