[Coco] Get to know your neighbors, folks (Roger Taylor)

Bookworm bookworm at cavenet.com
Tue Jun 2 11:16:33 EDT 2009

Glad to hear you're OK, Roger. Please don't do that again. The CoCo community is
small enough. Let's not start killing ourselves off! ;)

> Hearing your story (and others on here), I tend to wonder if I am the 
> only person who paid attention in health class (actually, I tend to 
> wonder that about all of the subjects I took, given the seeming 
> ineptitude I encounter on a daily basis, especially in my peer group).

I noticed that when I was still in high school.(Low school?) It's not that I'm
surrounded by idiots (actually I am but then I go and do something that makes me
look like one of them...) It's the lack of education. Nobody seems to know

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