[Coco] Crunch?

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
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Another CoCoer who is glad you are still with us.!!

I must decline to honor your request for personal reasons.


after much thought I have come to the conclusion that it is best to not
address this problem.

It is far better that if someone uses VCC that they see this problem right
away when all that is on the "dsk" are files elsewhere in the zip or
recreated by a simple test run of the preprocessor.

I believe that this problem can occur anytime when files are imported,
created, deleted and so on.

Losing the users files would be far worse, with the existing triggering
"dsk" file they must either fix the problem themselves or ask for help.

In either case they would be forewarned.

As the target user base for Urbane are experienced advanced DECB persons,
this should not be a problem.

Persons who like me who have written several long DECB programs and have
become frustrated, angry, bitter towards anyone involved in the creation of
any line numbered required Basic.

Urbane was the result when I attempted to merge four similar short DECB
programs into one medium length one so the four displays could be on the
screen at the same time.

I gave up and several days later the FLEX Basic Preprocessor popped up in my
head as the solution.


I did very little with my first 6809 system but I purchased FLEX, Basic and
the Basic Preprocessor. (SYM-1 Based)

The date on the PDF is 1979.

I understand why I did not create Urbane for DECB before but I do not
understand why someone else did not. In my mind publishing Urbane in Rainbow
and on Rainbow on Disk would have had a huge effect then.

Having a fully functional first version of Urbane really made the project


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>>Stephen, I downloaded the zip file on COCO3.com, and I think the
>>file is currupted? Its certianly smaller than my other .DSK files. It
>>only 126k when all the others are 158K. VCC won't let me load it into the
>>"disk drive".
> I just checked and my local copy of the .dsk file is also 126k. Maybe the
> author will e-mail me another copy so I can replace it.
> -- 
> Roger Taylor

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