[Coco] Get to know your neighbors, folks (Roger Taylor)

Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
Tue Jun 2 11:03:25 EDT 2009

 > Your fellow webmaster and CoCo friend almost bit the dust today.  Not
 > like the high speed rollover I had a few years back or the time I
 > slammed into the back of a highly flammable gas canister truck, but
 > something different.


Wow! I am glad you are OK Roger - I know we've all "choked" on a bit of 
food, but many of us will hopefully never know what you've been through; 
I can't imagine how frightening that had to be!

I haven't did CPR or anything since high school (many years back), but I 
still remember how to give a heimlich. Not only that, but I also 
remember how they taught us to give a self-heimlich (last ditch effort - 
you are supposed to use the back of a chair).

Hearing your story (and others on here), I tend to wonder if I am the 
only person who paid attention in health class (actually, I tend to 
wonder that about all of the subjects I took, given the seeming 
ineptitude I encounter on a daily basis, especially in my peer group).

Anyhow, glad you are still with us.

-- Andrew L. Ayers, Glendale, Arizona

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