[Coco] Get to know your neighbors, folks

Roger Merchberger zmerch-coco at 30below.com
Tue Jun 2 21:48:04 EDT 2009

Rumor has it that Roger Taylor may have mentioned these words:
>On about my second big bite of steak I didn't chew it nearly long enough...


Holymoly! Quite a story and glad to hear you're still with us!

>...Actually, I saw it in slow motion...

I sure know that feeling... Different situation, but created the same "time 
slowing" effect. I'd say more but I don't wanna "steal your thunder." ;-)

>Get to know your neighbors, folks.  Learn some Spanish?

I live in a border town, but in my case that would be French or to a lesser 
extent Italian. What sucks for me is I'm (somewhat) bilingual in German... 
unless I'm in rural Pennsylvania, it doesn't do me one heckuvalotta good 
here in the US... ;-)

Sounds like during your next cookout, you should forgo the steak knife and 
get one of these:


Very powerful, very geeky, very awesome. Yes, I have one. ;-)

Just funnin' with ya! Glad to hear you're OK!


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