[Coco] Drivewire for dummies?

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Tue Dec 22 22:03:55 EST 2009

Jeremy Michea wrote:
> Thanks for the responses everyone. I have tried cocotape since I do have the cassette cable but apparently it has problems running certain .bin files due to the way they were saved and not the fault of cocotape.
> If someone could wittle down for me the best solution for my needs and whether drivewire does actually need any additional hardware or not would be great. I'm only looking to play the old games I remember when I was a teenager on real hardware (not a fan of emulation, just doesn't feel the same)
> If someone could describe how drivewire works exactly without additional hardware (or with) that would help (again the manual on cloud 9 seems to be a little over my head so I need it dumbed down) :)
> Thanks again for all your help everyone.

As Aaron has mentioned, all the hardware you need for Drivewire is a 
cable connecting the PC sound card to the Coco cassette jack. Then you 
need a copy of the Drivewire code as a wave (.wav) file on the PC.

Tell the Coco to CLOADM, play the .wav file on the PC, and you should be 
up and running with a disk system.

All you need to make is the connector cable. Get that done and obtain 
the needed .wav file. Once you have Drivewire booted, then any answers 
given here will make more sense.
I assume the .wav file is on the Cloud-9 site as is the disk version, 
free for download.

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