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KARL SEFCIK cdiman7 at flash.net
Sat Jun 28 22:34:02 EDT 2008

 I've heard that DHL is not6 the best, maybe it's too
much the European weay, whatever. Gads, I forgot,
they're from Germany right? One of the highest of the
high cost countries in Europe, and they want it that
way to protect their 80% government pension.
   Whatever, guess it's no secret that I read Business
Week,lol, but good for UPS. With the volume of other
mail that the post office handles, they can still
compete and subcontract to UPS.
   Hey, I've got a job, kinda unofficially,lol. I'm a
skywatdcher for one of the local tv stations here in
Dallas, though it doesn't pay anything, just adds to
the weather forecasts down here.

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> >FWIW;
> >
> >Photos: How UPS Next Day delivers
> >
> >http://content.zdnet.com/2346-9595_22-207629.html
> Next week I'll be the one arriving at the
> Shreveport/Bossier airport 
> all week, except Friday, watching the jets land and
> takeoff.  We have 
> the biggest and FedEx is a tad smaller but both are
> huge planes, then 
> there's the little DHL jet they converted from a
> passenger jet (the 
> windows are painted over).
> What most probably don't know and won't know is that
> UPS carries (in 
> the sky only) the U.S. Postal Service's Air
> packages, and is working 
> Now on a deal with DHL for $1 billion a year to
> carry DHL's Air 
> packages on our planes.  ??? Yes, you heard right. 
> Both rely on UPS 
> to compete with?  Maybe we'll suck up DHL in about
> 10 years when 
> they're worth something.  I think the whole idea is
> to maintain the 
> huge lead over FedEx without ever leaving room for
> them to catch up, 
> but who knows what the main plan is.  DHL is
> struggling, and FedEx is 
> struggling... those two facts have been written for
> years, but I 
> think all shippers are struggling, period.
> So for those (Mary, you're one of them) who's
> casually uttered the 
> words "UPS sucks", just remember... no matter what
> Next Day Air 
> service you use, the chances are it is going by UPS
> behind your back, 
> and that we suck SO bad that both the post office
> and DHL had to be a 
> part of it?  :)  Anyway, just some humor.
> Here's a few eyebrow crinkling links:
> http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-147672852.html
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