[Coco] Jeweled "screenshot"

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Jan 20 00:44:55 EST 2008

I posted a screenshot of what Jewel will probably look like when it's 
done.  The fancy text is a mockup at this point but everything else 
is CoCo graphics.  That board is drawn from the game and stocked with 
random jewels.  I have 6 of the 7 jewels done so far, with something 
like an orange gem left to put in the sprites.  Then the logic code 
starts tomorrow and throughout this coming week I'll be handing off a 
copy to two good testers I used for the other game.

The mouse/joystick cursor will be a figure of a human hand pointing, 
and you just click on the two jewels you want to trade places, etc. 
Using the keyboard will just jump the hand from board cel to cel.

I plan to make the screen shake with booms and sound effects 
sometimes like when bonuses are racked up or you clear a set of 
gems.  Music won't be as loud as with Mary and the Butterflies 
background, and will have a smoother sound with the effects being 
more or equally audible.

I'm only wetting my whistle, folks.  I wrote the cross assembler and 
IDE (and the massive Projector-3 graphics system) that I'm now using 
to prove that there is definately a use for it all.  It took me 2 
weeks to write Mary's game and I aim for 1 week with Jeweled which 
will have super quality as if it took 3 months to develop on a real CoCo.

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