[Coco] Is there any disk utility that allow to copy selected track only?

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jan 6 22:17:27 EST 2008

Darren A. wrote:

>>Yes it is copy protected. I'm trying to rebuilt z89 from the downunder. I
>>think there might be some bug in the code. Btw it use the defeater but there
>>are disk error while the program is trying to write sector higher than 18.
>>Here is the direct link to the files. When you uncompress it its under SRB
>>Thanks and tell me if you are able to make it work on emulator or real coco.
> --
> Are you running this on a real CoCo3 or an emulator?
> I haven't tried it on a real CoCo3, but it looks like it may require a double-sided drive. The patches being applied to the disk show that it is writing sectors 22 through 25 to both sides 0 and 1.
> Doing this on an emulator would require using the DMK image format instead of the JVC image provided. However, I don't know if either MESS or the VCC emulator will correctly emulate a program that formats a track in a non-standard way to a DMK image.
> If I knew the format of the patch files produced by The Defeater, I could possibly use them to create a DMK image directly, or modify the CoCoDisk utility to write the patches to a real floppy disk.
> Darren

That file is too large for me to want to download over a dial-up 
connection. However, I have been sent a DMK version of the game and it 
is single sided.

  Using Defeater on that image shows tracks 0-25 and 33 are copy 
protected. Some of them have no content other than $00. Others have 
512byte sectors 22-26.
  Even though the disk is single sided, the track headers have some 
sectors labeled as side 1. That does not mean the disk is double sided 
but that the sectors are deliberately mislabeled.

Far as I can tell, the Defeater Patch.bin format is a byte per byte copy 
of the track so that writing it back during a Format will recreate the 

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