[Coco] [Color Computer] Happy New Years!

tim lindner tlindner at macmess.org
Wed Jan 2 22:35:34 EST 2008

Phil <phil.salathe at gmail.com> wrote:

> >You can attach a .wav file to the cass port in MESS and it'll work as
> >expected.
> Nice one!  One more question: is it possible to skip a step, and 
> connect the audio lead on the Coco's cassette adapter directly to the
> 1/8" miniplug input on my Powerbook, so that I can create a .wav 
> directly from a CSAVE?

Sure. You'll need audio recording software. I'd use Quicktime Pro since
I've already paid for it.

But I think you can record using Audacity
(http://audacity.sourceforge.net/), and it's free.

There is no way to pipe the audio directly into MESS. 

BTW: There is no reason to record 44.1 khz stero for this. 11.025 khz
mono would be fine.

> Thanks for the help, and for all your work on MacMESS (which has been
> a huge source of enjoyment for me and my girlfriend as we've plowed 
> through old text adventures -- not to mention finally getting to 
> "beat" Downland after all these years!).

Thanks for the kind words. Are you really using an old MacMESS or are
you using a newer SDLMESS for Mac OS X?

tim lindner
tlindner at macmess.org                                        Bright

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