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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Fri Feb 8 11:20:29 EST 2008

On Friday 08 February 2008, George Ramsower wrote:

Join the club George.  I have a similar project under way.  Lacking a power 
hacksaw, I'm crazy enough to use a WhizCut abrasive wheel to cut off the 
amount of a 2" sq steel bar that I need to make the clamp block for a boring 
bar, spinning it with that puny little motor on my micromill.  I blew so many 
fuses I hit the shack for a meter & enough stuffs to make an amperage draw 
meter so I could see how hard the motor was working, and in about 10 hours 
run time over the last 2 days, I'm about .85" deep with the cutting line 
right now.  But its going faster since I found it cut better if I swept it 
back and forth with emc, only cutting 50 thou at a time, which narrows the 
cutting surface and speeds the overall cut.  A straight plunge cut soon has 
so much surface in contact with the wheels edge that I can only advance 
about .002/minute.  But I should have pretty close to an optical flat on the 
cut surface, which will be the bottom, sitting on the lathes cross slide when 
I'm done, which is not the ideal as I'll have to make another pass and dish 
it in the center about 3 thou so it will crush into 100% contact when 
tightened down.  I had to do the same with that Phase II quick change tool 
post, otherwise it was just so much rubber sitting there.

This is truly lights out manufacturing as once a cut pass is underway, I can 
leave and warm up my feet & get a fresh cuppa.  Sometimes one measures 
progress with a micrometer?  :-)

> When I started this project, it  was mostly an experiment. Now it's
>becoming a reality.
>I'm about to crash and burn... kuz I wus up all night, working out the
>software on this coco to make this machine work.
> I suppose it's the approximation of success that does that.
> Anyway... it's so cool to see the thing actually move around  the table as
> After some sleep time, I'm going to actually make an automated machining
>process to finish the construction of the X axis.
> I'm tired. I'm turning it off and landing... It might not be a smooth
>landing but, if I can walk away, it's a good landing.
> Piper Cubs forever!!!
>Buenos Noches, amigos! Even if it IS almost luch time.
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Cheers, Gene
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