[Coco] Joysticks...

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Tue Oct 23 05:53:46 EDT 2007

Mark McDougall wrote:

I really need to get a joystick so I can actually _play_ some of these 
games!!! Arkanoid looks _damn_ impressive - well done Steve!

For those interested, when I get the chance (sometime soon) I've got a PIC 
and quad DAC which I'm hoping to use to build a generic Gamecube-controller 
interface for retro consoles and computers. We've already done a GC 
controller in an FPGA, so it'll be a matter of re-writing it in PIC ASM. 
With any luck, it'll be relatively straight-forward and with the DAC I can 
connect it straight into the Coco joystick ports...

As well as providing analogue inputs, it should be possible to program the 
D-PAD (or digital inputs) to also register at each extremity of the analogue 
axes. This will give better feedback on games that use the Coco joysticks as 
simple left/right/up/down (digital) inputs.

BTW the Wavebird should work as well - wireless Coco joysticks anyone? ;)


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