[Coco] Arkanoid Was: Re: Joysticks...

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Tue Oct 23 09:59:16 EDT 2007

Mark McDougall wrote:
> Mark McDougall wrote:
> I really need to get a joystick so I can actually _play_ some of these
> games!!! Arkanoid looks _damn_ impressive - well done Steve! ...
Yes, Arkanoid is really good.  I never really liked 'breakout'-type
games all that much.  But a couple years ago I bought a CoCo 3 for 3 or
4 bucks at a local thrift store that came with an Arkanoid cartridge
plugged into the side.  A friend and I played it all the way through. 
Sounds are great, graphics are great, animation is smooth, and most
importantly, the gameplay is very good.  The controls respond precisely,
responsively, and predictably.  Arkanoid is one of the better action
games I've played on the CoCo, or any 8-bit micro.  The best arrangement
is one of the Kraft/Tandy Deluxe joysticks with the X axis free-floating
and the Y axis self-centering.

Rampage is good too, though I find the controls just a little awkward in
some places.


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