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There was a series of articles in the Model Railroader magazine which gave 
details about controlling a model rail layout from a computer. Various 
different computers were used, including the Colour Computer.

It was called C/MRI for Computer/Model Railroad Interface, and was written 
and designed by Bruce Chubb. The articles started in the February 1985 issue 
of that magazine.

Maybe your local library would have it on microfiche, or still have paper 

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> My (7 year old) son just got a real Lionel O gauge train set from his 
> grandfather for his birthday/early Christmas.  I've been waiting 35 years 
> for a real Lionel...  Anyhoo, I was wanting to use the computer for 
> command and control of the set.
> I tried getting a relay board for my PC, but I was getting prices for 
> relay or DAS boards of like $800 - $1600.  This is way out of my price 
> range.  I must be looking in the wrong place (I tried Keithley and another 
> place).
> The first thing that came to mind after the sticker shock is that the coco 
> natively has 4 A/D converters (JOYSTK) and a natural relay (cassette 
> motor).  Unfortunately, I need more than one relay.  I suppose the out pin 
> of the serial I/O could be used (in conjunction with a transistor) to 
> drive a relay, but I'd need more than two.
> This sounds like something someone on this list has probably done in the 
> past.  Any insight/advice would be appreciated.
>                             - Aaron
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