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Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Mon Nov 12 17:37:44 EST 2007

At 10:11 PM 11/11/2007, you wrote:

>As to UPS package treatment, I can;t vouch for their procedures, but 
>i can vouch for all the damaged
>stuff I've received, and has been received that I have sent. for me, 
>I avoid UPS like the plague.

In 39 years, I have never received a damaged package through UPS or 
any other shipping service, and I've received a lot of 
packages.  Guess I've been lucky, huh.

>At the office, the joke is that UPS stands for "Unreliable Parcel 
>Service," "Ur Package Sucks,"
>"Ur Package Squashed," etc...  :)   But please, don't take that 
>personally. I would also wager that
>different parts of the country get different levels of service, 
>depending on the demographics of the area,
>and the corresponding employees available for hire.

I think 9 out of 10 trips through any McDonalds on all my road trips, 
my order is usually screwed up somehow.  Either no napkins, no straw, 
they gave my kid the wrong kind of hamburger, or a diet Dr. Pepper 
instead of the real thing, etc.  I am convinced that this happens 
because of math probability coupled with the ever-shrinking 
intelligence of the employees.

Now, take the largest package shipper on the entire globe (UPS).  The 
company is still growing faster than you would believe if you saw the 
figures, FedEx and USPS can't catch us (literally), we have the 
strictess policies around with punishment dished out for even the 
most smallest screwups, continuous background checks, mostly college 
education level and above employees who were basically bought out by 
the company (but some of them can fool you in those package trucks, 
can't they).  You're dealing with some of the smartest people that 
have been trapped by the company into not being able to escape :) due 
to the best benefits around with top pay, but yes, there's the math 
facts that because the company is big, that there will be total 
screwups that enter and exit in an orderly fashion, and thus the 
turnover rate is high in some areas (but, none of the existing 
seniority employees are going anywhere), and the occasional dummy 
will make a mistake that turns into a service failure, that John Doe 
will run and tell the entire world about and claim to NEVER EVER USE 
the service again, as will some of the people reading his complaint.

That's life, and we all still go to McDonalds like the dang place is 
hypnotizing us wth the golden arches, knowing very well what lies 
ahead at the counter...

What does McDonalds and UPS have in common?  Nothing I guess, BUT we 
do get discounts if we show them a UPS paystub or we're wearing a uniform.  :)

I guess that's where this topic has gone, to a double cheeseburger 
with large fries, and a big Coke to w'arsh it all down.  So I'm off 
to McDonalds.

As for the Ebay feud which I was not a part of, but threw my 2 cents 
into because I just couldn't help it, I'll now add this to my 
Avoid-At-All-Cost topics next to Abortion, Politics, Where Has 
America Gone (Thanks, Clinton!), and HexStar.  :)

End of topic.  ;)

And I'll leave something else --------

We've all heard the funny acronyms...

FedEx + UPS = FedUp

DODGE vehicle:  Drips Oil, Drops Grease, Everywhere

FORD vehicle:

Fix Or Repair Daily
Found On Road Dead
Backwards... Driver Returns On Foot
Backwards... Dorks Ride On Fords
Factory Ordered Road Disaster
Factory Ordered Rebuilt Dodge(Datsun)
Flip Over Read Directions
Four Old Rusted Doors
Fixed On Race Day
Ford Owner Really Dumb
For Only Retarded Drivers
Ford Owners Recommend Dodge
Flipped Over Russian Dunebuggy
Found On Russian Dump
For Off Road Death
it Freaking Only Runs Downhill
Fat Old Rusted Dog
Freaking Old Rusted Dodge(Datsun)
Frigin Oakies Really Dig it
Funky Old Road Dog
Found On Roadside's Destroyed
Backwards...Don't Ride Over Fifty
Fixed-up Old Repossesed Dodge
Found Old Rebuilt Dodge
Forget OutRunning Dale
Found On Railroad Deserted
Found On Railroad Dead
Fools Only Read Directions
First On Repair Dolly
Favorite Of Redneck Drivers
Backwards- Dumb Retards Own Fords
Funny Old Rebuilt Dodge
Fast Only Rolling Downhill
Found On Russian Dump
Forfiet On Race Day
Found On River Dead
Failure Of Research & Development

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