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Roger, I understand your point completely, but that wasn't my main point.

My main point, is that NO eBay seller in their right mind will send a package, that
is not shipped using an online traceable method. It is clearly stated in the eBay and
PayPal policies.

If there is a dispute, the seller MUST provide a website-trackable tracking number.
If the seller does NOT have one, the seller automatically loses the dispute.
No ifs, no ands, and no buts. You can have receipts, photos, whatever you want. If you cannot
provide a website link, and a corresponding tracking number, dispute is closed, and settled
in favor of the buyer.

I tell you this from experience, and that is why I will NEVER send ANYTHING without
a tracking number. Going with that, you can't get a tracking number on anything less
than Parcel Post, last time I checked at the USPS. That means you can't stuff something
into an envelope, and send as postage with a tracking number, nor even first class postage
with a tracking number. You do not have a tracking number option for those cheap methods.

This is why in my disclaimer, it say everything goes with a tracking number. Don't like it? Don't bid - simple!

I had one guy, who was a TOTAL jerk, filed a dispute saying he never received anything, and win 
because I didn't use a trackable method. He later called me and threw it in my face that he received
the package, and got it for free, and to kiss his *ss. Think I ever used First Class Mail again?

So, moral of the story: You'd be hard-pressed to find an eBay seller who will simply use regular postage
to send something - a seller has no recourse, because it's not trackable.

As to UPS package treatment, I can;t vouch for their procedures, but i can vouch for all the damaged
stuff I've received, and has been received that I have sent. for me, I avoid UPS like the plague.

At the office, the joke is that UPS stands for "Unreliable Parcel Service," "Ur Package Sucks,"
"Ur Package Squashed," etc...  :)   But please, don't take that personally. I would also wager that
different parts of the country get different levels of service, depending on the demographics of the area,
and the corresponding employees available for hire.

As to the packing materials and packaging, as I quoted earlier, it's right on the eBay policies that a seller
can charge for packaging and packing materials. Now, if you want to follow theletter of the law, it should be
put under a "handling" charge, but I normally only charge $2-3. most of the time, I utilize used boxes, so
I don't charge for a box. I put in enough to cover any packing peanuts and bubble-wrap that is used, again usually
only a couple dollars. I don't over-charge on shipping to recoup ebay or paypal fees, because those are the costs
of doing business on eBay. i don't appreciate when it's done to me, so I don't do it to others.

The ONLY instances I have ever had anyone complain on the shipping charges, is when i have had to go to
outside companies like PakMail, for packing and shipping. When I must do this, I announce it in the listing, so
they are aware that there WILL be a markup, and that they will NOT get the same rate as if they just looked
at USPS.COM or UPS.COM. Same option applies to people looking at those listings: Don't like it? Move along....


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At 04:46 AM 11/11/2007, you wrote:
You know, you're a bit thicker than I originally pegged you for....

So et me put it in an easily understood, lementary way for you.
Let me know if I'm going a bit too fast for you - I can slow down.

OK - here it comes...

No eBay seller in their right mind, is going to use a 
bottom-basement shipping method which you seem to want.

I don't know WHY you're hung up on USPS, or Canada Post.
It doesn't matter WHAT it is, be it FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, UK Royal 
Post, damn SPACE SHUTTLE for all I freaking care.

Let that sink in...
Absorb that...

If it is NOT a traceable method, it is a risk. Period. YOU want him 
to drop it in an envelope, and use standard mail, and NO SELLER

Actually, Tony, with all respect (and I know I'm replying to another 
conversation), but all the recent items I ordered from Hong Kong, the 
laptop adaptors and so forth were all placed in a small paper 
envelope with a tad bid of thin foam padding taped around the 
item. It worked flawlessly. Things are tougher than we think and 
unless a car runs over the package, it usually survives the handling 
of Very careful people at UPS, where I also work and drive. ;)

However, don't go and ship a CoCo in a large shirt box unless you use 
a LOT of tape. Since we are forbidden (and I mean strictly) to throw 
packages or set packages on top of it that would damage the package 
underneath, chances are, your shirt-box no packing peanuts CoCo WILL 
arrive in perfect condition. Picture 3 supervisors watching your 
every move in every UPS hub, with a strict hand-to-surface policy 
with packages which means it goes from your hand to the surface it's 
intended for (conveyor belt, package car shelf, etc.), and a CoCo 
with no packaging whatsoever (a bare CoCo), would survive a UPS trip 
around the world, but would ofcourse attract a lot of dust and hand 
oil/dirt? :)

So, trust in your shippers more and trust less in get-rich-quick 
scammers. BUT... by all means, charge what you want for shipping, as 
I'm not a shipping police. I'm just throwing in my 2 cents as an 
authority on the matter.

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