[Coco] Updated "Tandy's Little Wonder" now available for

Bruce W. Calkins brucewcalkins at charter.net
Mon Nov 12 06:26:17 EST 2007

> >Frank,
>>One small FWIW; on page 77 you note that you had not seen the 64k 
>>satellite board upgrade for the CoCo 2 A and B variants.  I suspect they 
>>were indeed rare, however I have seen two in my lifetime and currently 
>>have in my possession at least one CoCo 2A with one installed.
>>Bruce W.
> I believe I have one also. Its a 26-3127B 64k. It just says Tandy Color 
> Computer 2 on the label on top, no 64k. But the label on the bottom says 
> Tandy TRS-80 64K Color Computer 2. I opened it up to clean house and 
> noticed it had a sattelite board. See pics here...> 
> http://groups.msn.com/davesphotoventures/strangecoco2withsattelitebrd.msnw?Page=1

That is the animal David,

This brings out one other possible spotter's point.  The B board seems to be 
the only CoCo 2 to have Tandy on the front label, while the A board said 
Radio Shack on the front label.  Both the A and B CoCo 2s had the Tandy 
label on the underside. At least my collection has been consistent on this 
point along with the CoCo 2s I have passed close enough to look at.  All 
CoCo 3s appear to be Tandy branded.  FWIW as near as I can tell, I have one 
or more of every variant from the "D" board CoCo 1 through the CoCo 3 with 
the exception of the white CoCo 1.  Unfortunately time and space issues may 
require some adjustments in my collections.

Bruce W.

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