[Coco] PS-2 Mouse on CoCo

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
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Both the Amiga and Atari ST use a "quadrature" mouse. I.e. thay have four 
outputs to the computer two for horizontal motion, two for vertical.

It is much easier to use a serial mouse on a coco, especially under 
NitrOS9/OS-9, since drivers are already in place for using them.

Since a number of PS/2 mice come with a 9-pin serial adaptor, wouldn't it 
just be a software issue to make them work on the coco's RS232 pak?

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> Would I have an easier time if I tried to convert a mouse from an Atari ST 
> or Amiga since they both use the joystick port like the CoCo does for 
> mouse input?
> Thanks for all the replies
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