[Coco] Glenside IDE Hard Drive Interface --- HOW-TO

Manny cocolist at invigorated.org
Wed Nov 7 10:33:14 EST 2007

Mark Marlette wrote:
> Manny,
> FYI: I don't set the pricing of the software, only the hardware.
> I will not tell Bob V. what VED is worth or Boisy what his products are 
> worth. They tell me and I purchase it from them. Bob V.'s software went 
> away and I contacted him and got it back in distribution. It is too good 
> to let it go....

I never said that you should tell them what the price should be. All I 
said was that I thought the price of one of the products you sold was 
too expensive, IMHO. That being said, I didn't know that you didn't 
control the price of the software you sold. I figured you purchased the 
rights (or what have you) and then set a price yourself. :)

I also commend you for saving a piece of CoCo history in the right manner.

> Once you have used either one of their products you will ask yourself 
> this.... Why did I waste my time trying to find a PD product? Their work 
> is top notch period.

The product may be top notch. I didn't question that, either. (Except 
for my religious comment about Vi vs. Emacs. ;) ) I personally cannot 
afford to spend $25.00 (+ s/h) on an editor for the CoCo. That's why one 
has to go to the public domain if there is nothing else available that's 

Anyway, I didn't mean to inflame with that remark. It was something that 
I noticed in the past, and I thought I'd just suggest (probably not 
correctly, mind you) a price change.


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