[Coco] Glenside IDE Hard Drive Interface --- HOW-TO

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Wed Nov 7 10:46:56 EST 2007


No offense and I'm not inflamed.

I just wanted to let you know why the pricing is what it is.

Situations are different for each. I on the other hand think the  
pricing is very good compared to the number of hours it takes to  
create these programs and the net return. It is a passion, not a get  
rich or retire early scheme. Volume speaks hear, sell more then you  
can lower the price.

Boisy and I spent a WHOLE summer of our time debugging and testing  
SuperDriver and the SuperIDE interface. We had some heated  
conversations but in the end it was all worth it.

Points noted.



Quoting Manny <cocolist at invigorated.org>:

> Mark Marlette wrote:
>> Manny,
>> FYI: I don't set the pricing of the software, only the hardware.
>> I will not tell Bob V. what VED is worth or Boisy what his products  
>>  are worth. They tell me and I purchase it from them. Bob V.'s   
>> software went away and I contacted him and got it back in   
>> distribution. It is too good to let it go....
> I never said that you should tell them what the price should be. All I
> said was that I thought the price of one of the products you sold was
> too expensive, IMHO. That being said, I didn't know that you didn't
> control the price of the software you sold. I figured you purchased the
> rights (or what have you) and then set a price yourself. :)
> I also commend you for saving a piece of CoCo history in the right manner.
>> Once you have used either one of their products you will ask   
>> yourself this.... Why did I waste my time trying to find a PD   
>> product? Their work is top notch period.
> The product may be top notch. I didn't question that, either. (Except
> for my religious comment about Vi vs. Emacs. ;) ) I personally cannot
> afford to spend $25.00 (+ s/h) on an editor for the CoCo. That's why
> one has to go to the public domain if there is nothing else available
> that's cheaper.
> Anyway, I didn't mean to inflame with that remark. It was something
> that I noticed in the past, and I thought I'd just suggest (probably
> not correctly, mind you) a price change.
> -M.
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