[Coco] Glenside IDE Hard Drive Interface --- HOW-TO

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Wed Nov 7 10:14:13 EST 2007


FYI: I don't set the pricing of the software, only the hardware.

I will not tell Bob V. what VED is worth or Boisy what his products  
are worth. They tell me and I purchase it from them. Bob V.'s software  
went away and I contacted him and got it back in distribution. It is  
too good to let it go....

Once you have used either one of their products you will ask yourself  
this.... Why did I waste my time trying to find a PD product? Their  
work is top notch period.



Quoting Manny <cocolist at invigorated.org>:

> Bob Devries wrote:
>> It is my opinion that if a file or files is distributed in archived  
>>  format, be it .ar or .lha or .zip, then either the (de)archiver   
>> programme should be included, or clear instructions should be   
>> included to locate those (de)archivers.
>> While this is not usually necessary for us *oldies*, it is often   
>> the newbies that get into strife with this. I personally don't see   
>> any reason for archiving files at all, especially since the advent   
>> of .DSK files (although that is arguably a form of archiving in   
>> itself).
> We could do with a page that is a central source for things to help
> newbies start. I was thinking a page that would have a few tools and
> things with a description next to the download. I haven't seen such a
> page, and the FTPs that are around doesn't have the ease of use that I
> was just talking about.
> I also don't see what would be wrong with putting an (de)archiver in to
> the NitrOS-9 package. lha, I believe, isn't all that big. If anything,
> an extra disk image with utilities that you could download from the
> project page might make things a little easier without adding bloat to
> the main disk image.
>> I agree with Willard; a *decent* screen editor is something that is  
>>  sadly lacking in the public domain. While my editor of choice is Bob
>> van der Poel's Ved, that program is a commercial product, and should
>> not be distributed in this way, but what other (PD) editor comes close?
> A year or so ago, I did a big search for a public domain editor for OS-9
> that would be simple to use. I did find a couple that almost worked, but
> I found too many bugs to be able to use them efficiently. This took me
> into the idea of programming one myself based off of some of the old
> DOS-based text editor. (Using the arrow keys for movement and simple to
> remember commands like <CTRL><C>, etc.) But, I've been blocked by my
> lack of knowledge of the underlying operating system, some of the
> problems that I have encountered with the Microware's (?) C package, as
> well as a lack of a good public domain text editor. (Kind of a vicious
> circle, eh? :) )
> I suppose my last reason could be rectified by purchasing Ved. (Which is
> like Vi, right? Blech! I love my Emacs. ;) ) But I can't rationalize
> $25.00 (+ s/h) for a text editor for the CoCo right now. (Besides, my
> wife would find out and kill me for it! I just barely got by with buying
> Portal-9 a few years ago.) Also, no offense to Mark, but I think $25.00
> is a little steep for a text editor for the CoCo. $10.00 - $15.00 would
> be a better range, IMHO.
> One of these days, I would like to program one. But my current interest
> in the CoCo is falling off a little bit because of being 3000 miles away
> from my CoCo. (It looks like it will be that way for a few years to
> come, too.)
> I'll stop my rambling now.
> -M.
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