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Jeff immortalsoule at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 2 02:52:15 EDT 2007

Hello all, 

This is my general introduction to a faithful CoCo following. I
started with the CoCo in the early 80s and have owned a CoCo I, II, &
III and, before it ended, had a decent sized HD (for that day and
age), 2 floppy drives, a very used and tired Radio Shack tape drive, a
RS Dot Matrix Printer, a multi-pack interface, and even their 300 BPS
"red button" modem.

Ah those were the days.

Before it was over, I had a BBS and a decent amount of callers who,
i'm sorry to say, most were not CoCo people. There wasn't a really big
following of the Color Computer in central Alabama...it seems everyone
was stuck on the C-64 and the Apple ][.

I think i typed out programs on Rainbow and Family Computing until i
got headaches from eye-strain and actually "learned" cursing after
discovering how many errors were in every issue. I think COMPUTE had
some CoCo stuff but am not really sure.

Admittedly, i ran into one guy who was a....ahem...(looking around
carefully) "collector" of software...lol! Oh, i bought my share of
software, must have spend a good $1,200 on software alone but i don't
mind admitting my past discrepancies, I'm not ashamed of it.

I, like many, was really let down to discover the CoCo IV didn't
really make it. I was one of those kids who made friends with ALL of
the Radio Shack store managers within a 60 mile radius and i call them
ALL to find out when new stuff would come out. You'd be amazed what
bringing someone a coke every now and then could bring to bare.

Tried coding, wasn't very good at it. BASIC was easy but the rest of
it just seemed like Greek to me for a long time. Oh, i also had one of
those appliance control thingies but, eventually, one caused a small
fire OR SO I WAS TOLD BY THE PARENTS (strange look).

I dunno how heavy i rank as a CoCo person but that's my story, i hope
to hear from ya.


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