[Coco] Serial Data Transfer between PC and CoCo

L. Curtis Boyle curtisboyle at sasktel.net
Thu May 25 11:12:19 EDT 2006

On Thu, 25 May 2006 09:00:29 -0600, Robert Gault  
<robert.gault at worldnet.att.net> wrote:

> Bert & Peggy Schneider wrote:
>> Robert
>>  While I can type characters and have them show up on either side (which
>> indicates that I have communications) - I'm not sure what kind of file
>> transfer protocol the RS-232 ROM PAK has.
> You don't want to use the software built into the RS-232 pack. There  
> should be a copy of Ultimaterm on RTSI. If you can't find it, let me  
> know and I'll send you a copy. That is a good terminal package for Disk  
> Basic use.

     The built in terminal on the RS-232 has no real download protocols,  
just buffer capture on/off (and no error checking). Ultimaterm would be  
the best free RS-DOS program, as it supports X and Ymodem (use Y if you  
can; the overhead is lower than Xmodem, and it therefore runs faster).  
Some other options you may be able to find would be Mikeyterm or GETerm,  
which both support Xmodem. There was a standalone RS-DOS Kermit program at  
one time, but I would have no idea where to find it now (used to be on a  
lot of University servers), and it was quite slow. If you use OS9/Nitros9,  
then you can use Zmodem as well, although the coco version really needs a  
rewrite to properly read the ports to get decent speeds out of it.
     I don't recall having hanging problems downloading to a Coco from a PC  
with Ultimaterm (which Robert mentioned below), unless you try to overfill  
the disk.

>> Looks like Hyperterminal has
>> XModem, YModem, ZModem, and Kermit protocols.  I may have to get some
>> more sophisticated terminal software for the CocO - but I need it on
>> native CoCo RSDOS formatted CoCo disk, since for some reason, I'm not
>> able to get OmniFlop to work (and yes, I do have a desktop computer with
>> a built-in floppy drive).
> Ultimaterm and Hyperterminal both using x-modem is acceptable but not  
> perfect. Coco to PC is great but PC to Coco hangs with large files.
> When I get the registration code for OmniFlop, I'll be able to test it  
> and may be able to help you using it.
>>  Any help would be appreciated!
>>  Thanks
>>  Bert

L. Curtis Boyle

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