[Coco] Trouble booting nitros9

Frank Pittel fwp at deepthought.com
Mon May 1 23:54:38 EDT 2006

On Mon, May 01, 2006 at 09:38:58PM -0500, Mark Marlette wrote:
> Frank,
> SuperDriver disk is bootable. Descriptors should be present to access the 
> disk.

Not anymore!! :-( I don't understand why. I write protected the disk before
I started to muck around with it and it still managed to get munged.
> Sx = where x is the device number of the drive.
> i0 = the CF master.

Can I use the load command to "load" the modules? Otherwise I'm going
to have to try and figure out how to build a new kernel with the proper
modules and then get it on the boot partition..

> Look at your invoice for the partition offsets for the CF.

I've got that. I bought another CF card one will be for the 6809 nitros9
and the other for the 6309 nitros9.

> The floppy boot that was on your CF when I shipped it to you would 
> have created an EMERGENCY boot with all the correct modules. The 
> /dd/startup file referenced the readme.txt file. This explained what and 
> where.

As memory serves the "emergency" boot floppy that I have was built using that
script. It does little more the try to bring up what's on the CF card. I took a
look and all it has on it is OS9boot. Can I copy that image to other floppies with
bad kernels? If so how do I get onto the boot sector. The documentation I have is
vague and since I can't access the CF card or the LS120 disk I can't look at the script
and see how it does it. Can you email me a copy of the script so I can create my
own OS9boot and copy it to the boot sector.


> Good luck.

Thanks, I think I'll need it. :-(


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