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I use a mail server called "Argosoft Mail Server" (simple eh?) it has what
is known as a 'white list'.  All incoming mail gets put on hold and an email
sent back to the source with a link to click.  If they click the link,
they're a real person, I get the e-mail.  If not, in a couple days, the mail
is deleted.  This also gives me time to check the folder for msg's from
automated systems I do want.  Check into white lists.  Very effective.

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I'll share with you guys my spam strategy. I use a web mail interface at 
my ISP first for a while and teach the filter what I don't want.
My filter is very simple. Any spam I receive, the sender's domain name 
gets added to my filter list. It works great! Secondly, I use my gmail 
account for signing up for stuff if I have to register online. My policy 
for my mail email account is:  "One strike and your out!" So far I 
haven't  needed to create an exclusion list.


Diego Barizo wrote:

> I use Mozilla as my email client, and it's spam filters are not bad at 
> all... except that you still download the email, so it's not much use 
> for a dial-up user, I guess.
> Diego

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