[Coco] New small SCSI drives!!

Bill Gunshannon billg000 at cs.uofs.edu
Sun Feb 26 08:48:11 EST 2006

> On 02/25/2006 12:03 pm, farna at att.net wrote:
>> Sorry -- hit send before cutting the last reply off!!
>> I've been looking around for some deals on other things and found a
>> company
>> with a bunch of small SCSI drives. 3.5", 1" high, 1.08-9.1 GB capacity,
>> 80
>> pin SCSI connector. I never heard of a 1 gig SCSI drive before, but
>> should
> I recall when a 1.2Gb CDC Saber drive was about the biggest thing you
> could
> connect to a '386.

I've got lots of small SCSI disks.  Everything from 110MB Quantums to
2GB Seagates.  what I really need is a SCSI controller that works on
the COCO.


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