[Coco][Color Computer] Ebay bad sellers

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Sat Feb 25 20:28:49 EST 2006

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From: "Basil Fitze" <basilf at shaw.ca>

> This total BS and I can't do anything because there is no number or 
> seller to list in my strike removal process.  This is a case of mental 
> cruelty  maybe if there is a lawyer out there willing to take on this 
> case we can sue Ebay for harassment  and cruelty.  Dealing with Ebay is 
> like dealing with robots, useless.    How many more e-mail scams is 
> there out there.  I am suspended yet I am buying and selling, WHAT!!! If 
> anyone can help I would appreciate it  I am serious about the law suite. 

This may be out of date but ....

eBay Customer Support
E-mail Address(es):
  cswebhelp at ebay.com
Business Information:
  Office: 1-800-322-9266
  Company: eBay Inc.
    2145 Hamilton Avenue
    San Jose California 95125
  Phone: 1-888-749-3229
  Fax: 1-408-558-7400
  Pager: 1-408-558-6106/7
Customer Support: 1-800-322-9266 
Ebay Tech Support: 1-888-749-3229 
Time Sensitive Message: 1-408-558-7400 
Safe Harbor Rep: 1-408-558-6106/7 
Hours 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM PST M-F

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