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Sat Feb 25 23:25:32 EST 2006

 I've bought and sold on eBay many times. Only once did I have a negative 
 I bought a camera from an outfit that had good reviews and a long history.
 He promised the camera was in good shape.

 It was not. The bellows were full of holes and the rack was broken . This 
is an old B&J 2X3 press camera. Circa 1933.

 I asked for an adjustment and he counter-offered with a better deal.

 I proceeded to give a good report on him. I think he didn't look at this 
camera closely enough before he placed it on eBay.

 All other sales and purchases went as expected, without a flaw.

 The most challenging was an enlarger I sold. It was an old 5X7 enlarger 
that weighed in at almost 100 lbs. I had to build a crate to ship it in and 
the shipping cost was quite expensive.
 The customer was pleased with the packaging, condition of the equipment and 
the process we endured to get this beast delivered.

 My experience with eBay has been good. I've no complaints and I've received 
no complaints.


 Before I  bid on anything, I look at the seller's history and reviews.

 Trust no-one.
 Believe half.
 Decide and then buy.

 Always err on the side of caution.


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> From: "Basil Fitze" <basilf at shaw.ca>
>> This total BS and I can't do anything because there is no number or 
>> seller to list in my strike removal process.  This is a case of mental 
>> cruelty  maybe if there is a lawyer out there willing to take on this 
>> case we can sue Ebay for harassment  and cruelty.  Dealing with Ebay is 
>> like dealing with robots, useless.    How many more e-mail scams is there 
>> out there.  I am suspended yet I am buying and selling, WHAT!!! If anyone 
>> can help I would appreciate it  I am serious about the law suite.

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