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Basil Fitze basilf at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 25 17:01:15 EST 2006

Neil Morrison wrote:
> I cleared all the actual strikes but now I am getting vaper or blank that still hold up my Ebay access  
> You were the winning buyer on eBay item (No number . The seller, No 
> seller, has told us that they have not received payment, or that you 
> were unable to resolve this issue. As a result, you have received an 
> Unpaid Item strike.
> *Because of the repeated Unpaid Item strikes against your account, you 
> have been automatically suspended from eBay.*
> You can appeal this strike if you believe it is not deserved. First, 
> read the requirements 
> <http://pages.ebay.ca/help/policies/appeal-upi.html> for appealing the 
> strike. If you meet them, you can submit your appeal on that page. If 
> your appeal is successful the strike will be removed. There is no 
> strike thisi s a phantom.
> If you have recently paid for the item or have otherwise resolved this 
> dispute, you can ask the seller to remove 
> <http://pages.ebay.ca/help/policies/seller-remove-upi.html> the Unpaid 
> Item strike themselves. What seller there is no seller.
> *Please note:*
> This suspension does not relieve you of your obligation to pay any 
> balance on your eBay account. Please check you balance and make an 
> immediate payment.
I feel Ebay should compensate me for this harassment.
> Continue > <http://my.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyeBay>

This total BS and I can't do anything because there is no number or 
seller to list in my strike removal process.  This is a case of mental 
cruelty  maybe if there is a lawyer out there willing to take on this 
case we can sue Ebay for harassment  and cruelty.  Dealing with Ebay is 
like dealing with robots, useless.    How many more e-mail scams is 
there out there.  I am suspended yet I am buying and selling, WHAT!!! If 
anyone can help I would appreciate it  I am serious about the law suite. 



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