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John A Podraza tonypodraza at juno.com
Sun Feb 12 22:13:26 EST 2006

Once again, I letting all who are interested know that the dates for the
Chicago-area CoCoFEST! are just on the horizon.

We currently have TWO confirmed exhibitors (aside from Glenside)
There are three other "intendeds".

The exhibitor's packets only were mailed a week ago, but if you are
interested, please visit the website listed below and download the
packets from there, or reply to this message and I will forward you a
packet by attachment.

We have always had fun, and have managed to clear expenses, in the
past...or almost, at any rate.  This year, the hotel has upped the ante,
significantly, so it is going to cost a bit more to produce.  The more
exhibitors and attendees that we have, the better the chance that we will
be able to sponsor a 16th  CoCoFEST!
Make youtr plans, now, to attend.  We hope to see you there.

I will start the Exhibitor's list, tomorrow.  Hopefully the Mail will
turn the "intendeds" to "confirmeds"


Tony Podraza, Member, Glenside  Color Computer Club, Inc
Sponsor of the 15th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST! 
April 29th & 30, 2006--Same Familiar Place
Visit our website---http://members.aol.com/clubbbs/glenside

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