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James the Animal Tamer emucompboy at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 2 18:18:14 EST 2006

> I'll concede somewhat, but not a tie. :)
> I don't intend to be argumentative, but in many instances those 
> characters (on the C-64) were typed in directly from the keyboard 
> into the listing, usually in the form of PRINT "#####>>>>>>Hello!" 
> (where # = 'cursor down' and > = 'cursor right') for example. Just 
> trying converting that listing to plain text for the conversion 
> would be problematic.


> In the CoCo, usually the special characters where printed like 
> PRINT CHR$(133) or some such. At least it would not choke most 
> parsers.

Also true.  However, while you could have it run under GWBASIC etc., 
the result would not be what you'd intended when you wrote the CoCo 
code.  Also, given that GWBASIC will be using a 40- or 80-column text 
screen, and not the CoCo's 32-column screen, I'd expect a lot of 
printing to be going to the wrong places -- the equivalent of the 
Commodore's cursor moving PRINT characters would be the CoCo's 
PRINT at ...  Does PRINT@ work the same under GWBASIC as it did in CoCo 
Extended BASIC?  (In the MC-10, it takes a byte offset from the upper 
left of the screen... if Extended BASIC uses the same, and not an 
x,y, then I'd expect PRINT@ not to convert directly to anything 
that's not using a 32-column screen).


> However, if a BASIC program confined itself to ASCII characters < 
> 128, then I think Commodore's and CoCo's BASICS would compare in 
> this regard (conversion to GWBASIC, etc.)

Me too.

It's pretty much moot.  If I wanted to run an old BASIC program, I 
might fire up the appropriate emulator... *laughs*  Check my website.


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