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Assy Lang Prog for trs-80 color computer....Laurence Tepolt
"    "    "   Addendum for CC3
"    "   Graphics TRS-Color Compt           Don & Kurt Inman
"    "   Prog TRS-80 RS#62-2077             Wm Barden
Color Compt Graphics  RS#62-2076             "   "
Mach & Assy Lang Prog                       David Alexabder
Introd to TRS-Graphics                      Don Inman
Color Compt Interfacing w/Experiments       Andrew Staugaard
6809 Micro. Prog & Interfacing w/Expermnmts   "       "
6809 Assy Lang Prog                         Lance A Leventhal
Programing the 6809                         Rodnay Zaks & Wm Labiak
Hands on basic for TRS-80 Color Compt       Herbert Peckham,Wade Ellis
101 Color Compt  Prog Tips & Tricks         Ron Clark
The MC6809 Cookbook                         Carl Warren
Mc6809 & E MicroProc Prog Manual            MOTOROLA Inc
The Super Book (for COCO) (SuperSoft)       J D Walker
Eprom Progmmers HD Book for C64,C128        Bill Mellon
Creating Avtr Games on Your Compt.          Tim Hartnell
World of  68' Micros  (20 Issues)           Farna Systems

...You pay postage and handling.I live in Ocala,FL 352-690-6032

The above email address & suzukibil at aol.com

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