[Coco] enable no-halt disto driver

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Mon Aug 21 11:33:15 EDT 2006

Mike Pepe wrote:
> The modules it tries to move are commented out!
> I'm beginning to think there may be something more going on here. If I 
> re-start the process (re-format the disk, write the new image, etc) it 
> fails in new and interesting ways. Never the same way twice. Sometimes 
> it appears to dump out the contents of the standard.bl file.
> Either my method is incorrect or there may be some sort of hardware 
> issue in play here. Maybe these disk images aren't being written 
> correctly and are corrupted.
> I tried this with a clean image and didn't modify anything- it actually 
> built the disk. Once.
> -Mike

Your standard.bl is just what it should be. That means there is some 
hardware or OS problem in creating the boot disk.

Did you boot with the 80 track disk on your real Coco or an emulator? If 
you can boot the 80 track disk on your Coco, can you read text files 
from any directory and ident modules from any directory without errors?

You will not be able to correctly create a boot disk unless you boot 
from the NitrOS-9 distribution disk. If you can create a boot disk with 
an emulator but not with your real Coco, I would suspect a hardware 
problem either with the controller (or MPI if there is one) or a drive 
problem. At least check the drive speed with the strobe markings, as 
OS-9 is more sensitive to speed deviations than Disk Basic.

You descriptions of the problem match random read/write errors which can 
have several sources. However, your first task is to prove you can read 
everything on the 80 track distribution disk using your Coco.

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