[Coco] enable no-halt disto driver

Mike Pepe lamune at doki-doki.net
Mon Aug 21 09:18:51 EDT 2006

> OK, now we have something to work with. Please post (or send to me) your 
> standard.bl file. In step3, you are indicating that you attempted to use 
> the Tandy Modem modpak module m1.dd and it could not be found (error 
> 216). I'm not surprised it could not be found as it is not part of the 
> release. However, standard.bl has all the Modem modpak entries commented 
> out.

[lamune at digiko ~]$ cat standard.bl
* NitrOS-9 Level 2 Bootlist
* $Id: standard.bl,v 1.26 2006/04/21 15:35:25 boisy Exp $
* This bootlist is presented as an example for creating custom bootfiles.
* A module may be excluded from the bootfile if an asterisk (*) is the
* first character of the line.
* Kernel/System Section
* These modules are mandatory.
* CDF Section (HawkSoft)
* CDF descriptors - select as needed
* SCSI descriptors (IDs 0-6)
* IDE descriptors (master/slave)
* RBF Section
* DriveWire driver (Cloud-9 product)
* DriveWire descriptors - select as needed
* SuperDriver Package (Cloud-9 product)
* Select Low level SCSI and/or IDE driver
* SuperDriver descriptors - select as needed
* SCSI descriptors (IDs 0-7)
* SCSI HDB-DOS descriptor
* IDE descriptors (master/slave)
* IDE HDB-DOS descriptor
* WD1773 floppy support for Tandy and compatible disk controllers
* WD1773 floppy support for Disto Super Controller II
* Floppy device descriptors
* DD - default device - choose one if needed
* D0 - drive 0 - choose one if needed
* D1 - drive 1 - choose one if needed
* D2 - drive 2 - choose one if needed
* D3 - drive 3 - choose if needed
* RAMDisk driver
* RAMDisk descriptors - select as needed
* Memory device descriptor
* SCF Section
* CoCo 3 I/O driver
* Joystick modules: choose Joystick OR
* (M)icrosoft or (L)ogitech mouse using 6551 or 6552 ACIA
* CoGrf/CoWin subroutine module
* Use CoWin with Multi-Vue; use CoGrf
* for basic text and graphic window support..
* Select only one.
* CoVDG I/O subroutine module
* Select one or both
* Select only one term descriptor
* Select as many window descriptors as needed
* Select as many VDG window descriptors as needed
* Serial port drivers
* CoCo Bit-Banger terminal port
* 6551 ACIA
* Tandy Modem Pak
* Printer drivers
* ../MODULES/SCF/scbbp.dr
* ../MODULES/SCF/p.dd
* VRN is a driver module used by certain games, including King's Quest III,
* Leisure Suit Larry and Flight Simulator II.  A /nil descriptor is also
* supported.
* Pipe Section
* Pipes are a useful but optional part of a system.
* Clock Section
* Select one clock module depending upon your power line frequency
* (60Hz = USA/Canada; 50Hz = Europe, Australia)
* Select one clock2 module that supports your real-time clock, if any.
* Besides support for the internal software clock, the following
* hardware clocks are supported: Burke & Burke, Disto 2-N-1, Disto 4-N-1,
* Eliminator, Harris, SmartWatch, Cloud-9, the MESS emulator, Jeff
* Vavasour's CoCo emulator, and DriveWire.
* System Kick-Start Module
* Choose which startup module you wish to use. (sysgo_dd is recommended
* for most configurations.)
* Alternatively, this module can reside in the root directory of the
* boot device, saving precious system RAM.

> Are you saying that you get random errors in Step 3? Have you been 
> changing the contents of standard.bl other than rb1773.dr?

No, file stays the same

> If you include modules that were commented out, make sure that the 
> modules actually exist on the disk. If they do not, you will need to 
> include them from some other source.

The modules it tries to move are commented out!

I'm beginning to think there may be something more going on here. If I 
re-start the process (re-format the disk, write the new image, etc) it 
fails in new and interesting ways. Never the same way twice. Sometimes 
it appears to dump out the contents of the standard.bl file.

Either my method is incorrect or there may be some sort of hardware 
issue in play here. Maybe these disk images aren't being written 
correctly and are corrupted.

I tried this with a clean image and didn't modify anything- it actually 
built the disk. Once.


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