[Coco] enable no-halt disto driver

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sun Aug 20 22:13:20 EDT 2006

Mike Pepe wrote:
>> If you want additional help, you are going to have to report an exact 
>> description of what you are doing. Generalizations mean nothing when 
>> it comes to troubleshooting. Posting, "It doesn't work!" or "I can't 
>> make it work." will get you nowhere.
>> So, post the contents of your mb and bootlist files. Which version of 
>> NitrOS-9 are you working with? Is this on an emulator or real Coco 
>> system? Specify in detail the hardware or emulator being used. What 
>> disks are in which drives and what are the drive specs?
>> You have implied you are using a Disto SCII but have not really said 
>> you are. So, do you have this controller or are you just trying to use 
>> the drivers with a normal controller? If you have the controller, what 
>> are the jumper settings, ie. is $FF58 or $FF74 I/O in use?
> Rob, that wasn't enough detail for you? heh
> Certainly. This is a real 512k CoCo 3 with a 6309. Playing with nos9 
> 3.02.06 and a real Disto SC2.
> I extracted the bootlist from the floppy image on a linux box with 
> toolshed. I commented out the tandy 1773 line and removed the comment 
> from the $FF74 version of the SCII driver.
> I put it back into the image,and wrote the resulting image with omniflop 
> on my doze box (because that f{blank}ing pile of crap fdutils is almost 
> as useless as the mailing list that "supports" it, but I digress)
> Then booted the resultant disk, did a dmode on /d1 cyl=50 and ran the mb 
> script to build a new disk in /d1. The disk is formatted correctly.
> Step 2 (creating custom boot track) completes
> Step 3 (create the bootfile and boot track) always blows up. this run, 
> for instance, I got:
> ./MODULES/SCF/m1.dd
> ERROR 216
> and then it drops to step 4, where it copies shell and grfdrv over.
> The resulting disk is not bootable.
> This happens even if I do it from the stock image with the stock 
> bootlist file.
> So, either I'm doing something wrong, I have a bad floppy image, or I 
> found a bug.
> -Mike

OK, now we have something to work with. Please post (or send to me) your 
standard.bl file. In step3, you are indicating that you attempted to use 
the Tandy Modem modpak module m1.dd and it could not be found (error 
216). I'm not surprised it could not be found as it is not part of the 
release. However, standard.bl has all the Modem modpak entries commented 

Are you saying that you get random errors in Step 3? Have you been 
changing the contents of standard.bl other than rb1773.dr?

If you include modules that were commented out, make sure that the 
modules actually exist on the disk. If they do not, you will need to 
include them from some other source.

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