[Coco] enable no-halt disto driver

Christopher Hawks chawks at dls.net
Sun Aug 20 22:00:50 EDT 2006

Mike Pepe wrote:
>> If you want additional help, you are going to have to report an exact 
>> description of what you are doing. Generalizations mean nothing when 
>> it comes to troubleshooting. Posting, "It doesn't work!" or "I can't 
>> make it work." will get you nowhere.
>> So, post the contents of your mb and bootlist files. Which version of 
>> NitrOS-9 are you working with? Is this on an emulator or real Coco 
>> system? Specify in detail the hardware or emulator being used. What 
>> disks are in which drives and what are the drive specs?
>> You have implied you are using a Disto SCII but have not really said 
>> you are. So, do you have this controller or are you just trying to use 
>> the drivers with a normal controller? If you have the controller, what 
>> are the jumper settings, ie. is $FF58 or $FF74 I/O in use?
> Rob, that wasn't enough detail for you? heh
> Certainly. This is a real 512k CoCo 3 with a 6309. Playing with nos9 
> 3.02.06 and a real Disto SC2.
> I extracted the bootlist from the floppy image on a linux box with 
> toolshed. I commented out the tandy 1773 line and removed the comment 
> from the $FF74 version of the SCII driver.
> I put it back into the image,and wrote the resulting image with omniflop 
> on my doze box (because that f{blank}ing pile of crap fdutils is almost 
> as useless as the mailing list that "supports" it, but I digress)
> Then booted the resultant disk, did a dmode on /d1 cyl=50 and ran the mb 
> script to build a new disk in /d1. The disk is formatted correctly.
> Step 2 (creating custom boot track) completes
> Step 3 (create the bootfile and boot track) always blows up. this run, 
> for instance, I got:
> ./MODULES/SCF/m1.dd
> ERROR 216

	Funny, the line in my copy of standard.bl (not modified) is

> and then it drops to step 4, where it copies shell and grfdrv over.
> The resulting disk is not bootable.
> This happens even if I do it from the stock image with the stock 
> bootlist file.
> So, either I'm doing something wrong, I have a bad floppy image, or I 
> found a bug.

Christopher R. Hawks
All language designers are arrogant. Goes with the territory...
	-- Larry Wall

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