[Coco] Re: Hard drive nightmare continues...

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 08:33:32 EDT 2006

My personal take on this would be to suggest that the hard drive driver and 
descriptor are not right for the drive setup that they're being asked to 
work with.

If this is a SCSI setup, the ID must be correct in the descriptor, and the 
driver must be the right one for *that* drive and controller.

I have used SCSISYS with good results, but you do need to know some facts 
about the drive to make it work.

The automatic descriptor creation doesn't always work automajickly, IMHO.

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> Leon Howell <puritan_2076 at ...> writes:
>> I got the SuperDriver and was only dissapointed that it didn't come on a
>> blue disk with a red & yellow label. But I guess silly marketing stuff 
>> isn't
>> necesary with real computers, just pea seas.
> But you have to admit it would look kind of cool. just kep the disk away 
> from
> kryptonite.
>> The drive, cable, controler, etc, work perfectly with RGB-DOS, so 
>> apparently
>> the problem is that the NitrOS-9 drivers are not finding the drive or
>> controller.
> They still aren't.
>> There are address jumpers inside the controller cartridge. What is the
>> correct setting for them?
> Found them on cloud9tech.com. They were different. I changed them. It 
> still
> doesn't work. And now I'm talking to my self on the internet.
> Would not having a terminator cause this problem?
> Somebody please help me.
> I've got to run now.
> They're coming to take me away.
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